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Feminine and articulate

Robyn Mary Bouedo is a professional voice actor, under the tutelage of Gary Terzza. Her accent has been described as neutral English RP with the occasional subtle nuance of South African. Based just outside London, England, she has a passion for books and an appreciation of the power of the spoken word.

Robyn has experience working in cruise line commercials, voicemails, commercial shorts and audiobooks. She narrates, records, edits and produces from her fully sound treated home studio using her Rhode NT1-A microphone, Audient iD4 audio interface and Reaper Digital Audio Workstation software.


Professionalism and attention to detail are important aspects of voice acting and narrating, concentrating on a balance of quality audio and timely delivery of projects.

For an highly educated, articulate, professional and conversational voice look no further.

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